Before you pass out a single test…

Good super early morning,

I wanted to take a moment this morning before you pick up your materials and before testing begins to tell you thank you.  Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  We celebrated the year of amazing learning that our children have done this year.  They were smiling and you could see a sense of calm on their faces.  They are ready because of you.  I know that we are all nervous and waiting to see how our kids do on a single day on a single test.  A single test.  Let that sink in.  A single test.  No one test should determine what we think about a school, a community, a teacher, or a student.  I wanted you to know before a single test is passed out:  I am proud of you.

You have done a wonderful job this year.  You have taught our students powerfully, without limits.  You have not let their barriers get in the way of your instruction.  You have found gaps and filled them.  You have poured your love and belief into them every day. You have turned red to yellow to green.   They are better people because of the time they have spent with you.  Each of you has made a difference in the life of a child and that is all society should ask of you.

Regardless of the scores.  I am proud of you.

Job well done miracle bear.  Job well done.


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