About Winterfield

Winterfield Elementary School is a Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school serving a diverse population of students in Charlotte’s Eastside community.  We are located in the Historic Winterfield Neighborhood, bordered by Central Avenue, Campbell Drive Sheffield Neighborhood Park and the Evergreen Nature Preserve.  Our community is home to both native Charlotteans, new arrivals from across the United States, as well as a growing immigrant population.

Our students come from many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Cuba, Sudan, Haiti, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Moldova, Honduras, Republic of Congo, Iraq, Bhutan, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Liberia, Eritrea, El Salvador, Palestinian State, Somalia, and of course, the United States of America.

Over 39% of our students are English Language Learners.  We believe that the richness of our students’ native languages and cultures are an asset to our school community. We are proud to learn from and about our unique and diverse student population.

Great things are happening at WES!

  • Caring Teachers and Staff:  At WES, our staff recognizes the unique gifts of of EVERY Winterfield Bear Scholar.   We use our knowledge of subjects, best practices for instruction and heart for students to provide a well-rounded educational experience.  Our teachers engage actively in professional learning opportunities to continuously grow professionals. Most importantly, we value the whole child and strive to prepare well-rounded students who are ready to contribute on a local, state and national level.


  • Learning and Teaching – At WES, we believe that independence and personal choice are cornerstones of student learning.  We believe in using a balanced approach to instruction in reading, writing and math.  A balanced approach involves explicit, systematic and completely thorough teaching of the skills required to read, write and solve math problems in a classroom environment with lots of time to engage in the subjects in an authentic way.  This approach includes determining what each student knows and is able to do in light of end of year expectations and designing individual pathways to success.


  • Community Partnerships-At WES, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our community.  Our students participate in a wide variety of authentic learning opportunities as well as engaging with community leaders.  Our current partnerships include: Communities in Schools (CIS), The Latin American Women’s Association (LAWA), Heart Tutoring, The Winterfield Neighborhood Association, The Assistance League of Charlotte, The Charlotte Symphony, Spring Hill Suites Saves Art Initiative, A Child’s Place (ACP), Charlotte Latin/Blessings in a Backpack, and many more.


  • Creative Expression – At WES, Bear Scholars have opportunities for arts and music instruction and extracurricular activities, including visual arts, instrumental music, and dance.

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